The Minnesotan-Jamaican Attitude

There’s a Superbowl commercial slated for this year’s commercial roster that is getting quite a buzz.  I’ll spare you the controversy, but basically it’s about a Minnesotan whose attitude has been completely changed because he bought and now drives a Volkswagen.

His now positive attitude plays out in a casual Jamaican accent which for Americans is the quint-essential stereotype for relaxed happiness.  I’m not blogging because of the commercial or the accent, but because the man combats his co-workers negativity with his own optimism.  “No worries mon.  Everything will be alright.”

My challenge for you today is to think about how your attitude affects your life-perception which affects how you talk which affects how others feel around you.  Think it through.  Maybe today you need a Jamaican accent to brighten your day.

No worries.



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