tv-talking-headsThe waiting area walls were lined with tires.  The smell of Caribou coffee and motor oil wafted with each opening of the door that separated us from the mechanics garage.  The TV talking heads were pitching opinions about the “sequester” issue that loomed like a dark cloud – for some – and a momentary mist – for others.

And there we sat.  Me with my iPad, tapping out sermon ideas and she reading a love novel from an actual paperback book.  We didn’t know each other but at one moment, she looked up at the blarging on the tube, caught my eye and said, “That’s why I don’t watch this stuff anymore.  It’s TMI.”  And with a confident smile etched across her face she said, “More often than not, ignorance is bliss.”

We are a generation that is bombarded with information, opinions and calls to action.  We are a society whose accessibility to information is paralleled by no other time-frame in the history of the world.  We live in (and are drowning in) a tidal surge of that information that has overrun a normal person’s ability to process it all.

Could my momentary friend in the car-shop waiting area be right?  Ignorance may have been a past handicap but sometimes it’s a welcomed retreat.

We chucked together, her with her book and me with my device that could access the world.  Then she went back to reading and I snatched an evaluatory moment looking at my iPad.  Given her comment, I set it down and read a promotional pamphlet on the new goodyear summer tire line up.  TMI is TMI and we turned off the TV.




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