Life Lessons Learned From a Volleyball Tournament – part 1

My weekend life has been volleyball.  Not me on the court – heavens no.  But proudly watching my libero daughter lay waste to the back row.  Watching the volley go back and forth, it struck me how the game of volleyball parallels life in many significant ways.


  1. When if gets crazy, default up.  Life has its moments called chaos.  Pregnant schedules, emotional demands and the speed of the day can overwhelm.  Just like in volleyball, when you are thrown off balance and it feels like everything is about to drop, think “up.”  Direct your energy and movement up through prayer and solitude.  God buys you time and gives you His perspective so that you can enter the next event relaxed and reassured.
  2. Always talk to others.  Teams fail for lack of communication. No matter what you do during your day, connection with others helps sanity reign and gives you other people’s eyes when your trying to make critical daily decisions.  (Click here for a blog post on group think.)
  3. Know your position but always offer help.  Saying “no” for many is hard.  Especially when it comes to an event or task at which we have some mastery.  But is it the right thing to do, given what you have to do already.  Knowing your position means that you prioritize that which you need to handle but also being open to helping where needed.  But be careful. Certain folks have a hankering for sucking you dry.  In my terms, some people are bridge-dwellers and others are island-dwellers.  Be cautious of the former and enjoy the latter.  (Click here to read what I mean).

Part 2 later.



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