Life Lessons Learned From a Volleyball Tournament – part 2

girls-volleyball-cedar-cliff-vs-cumberland-valley-september-17th-2012-dcc96360b5a25349Sports analogies for life are always great.  Running a race, playing on a team, handing of the baton, all of these help us understand how the “sport” of life is to be playing.  As I mentioned in the previous post, as I’ve been watching my daughter play volleyball, many life lessons came to light.  I’ve already spoken of three of them:

When if gets crazy, default up.
Always talk to others.
Know your position but always offer help.

Here are 3 more life lessons that I learned as a sideline spectator and philosopher:

  1. There’s always another turn.  To think that your always going to win is a sure sign of an idiot.  You are not always a winner.  Sometimes a set up for success gets tipped by an unforeseen obstacle and your idea goes crashing to the floor.  Get up.  Get back in position because another day is coming.  As my friend Shelly Schwalm says, “Shake it off. Next play!”
  2. Sometimes you have to take a time out.  There is a reason timeouts work so well with kids.  Breaks give us time to clear our head, gain clarity and regroup for another run.  I’ve tried to practice taking break based on a model I learned many years ago.  Read about it by Clicking here.
  3. Develop your strength.  Each of us can do something well.  In life, some of us are “hitters” others are “setters.”  Figure out what you do well and spend most of your time discovering, developing and deploying that strength.  Don’t ignore your weaknesses however – work on those as well. But don’t get overwhelmed on those.  Practice what you’re good at and the rest will come.

These are just a few of the life lessons I learned over the weekend.

What others have you learned from a sport you love?



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