Taking On Too Much

bicycle_loaded_carrying_too_much_wtI did it again.  I fell into my bad habit.  You’ll most likely laugh at my bad habit but to me, I ask myself each time, “Why do I keep doing this?”

Here it is.  As I’m walking out the door, I normally have my briefcase, a travel mug of Jo and my phone.  Usually, that’s about all I can handle but my bad habit is to try and add more and more to my already full arms as I leave.  This time, I was gripping my mug and balancing Tupperware containers of salad on the bottom, Broccoli in the middle and a smaller portion of rice.  With each step, the rice container bobbled back and forth until it finally fell, spilling all over the dirty garage floor.  I didn’t have an extra arm to steady it.  I didn’t have an extra hand to catch it.  And I lost my lunch to the concrete below.

Isn’t that the same thing I do during my day?  I have my basic events and time blocks but I try and cram as much in as I can leaving somethings unfinished and others that simply fail – all because of my habit of over-carrying.

You and I do this in relationships – wanting more and more from someone.  We do when we eat – stuffing ourselves full when contentment should do.  We even do this in our concern for others – giving and pouring our lives out and becoming exhausted because there was no “self-care.”

How do you manage the urge to take on too much.

  1. Learn to say no.  Children say no in defiance.  Adults should say no in balance.  If you are presented with another request, ask a few basic questions:
    Is this something that is required?  (e.g. By your boss or authority figure).
    Is this something I have enough time to accomplish?
    Is this something that can be delegated?
  2. Make two trips.  I am still learning to be ok with taking two trips.  Using the example above, I should have taken by normal items to my car first and then the extras.  It takes a little extra time upfront, but would’ve saved me more time later as I had to clean up the rice and prepare something else.
  3. Ask others to help.  My wife and daughter are masters at this.  They have no problem asking me to get something for them while they are busy with something else.

Question:  When have you taken on too much?



3 thoughts on “Taking On Too Much

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  1. You said it all:] An elderly friend of mind had to much in her arms when she went to unluck her garage door going into her house and fell. Spent 2 months in rehab. This happen Christmas Eve. It was a real reminder:] Nancy in SD

  2. I’m constantly weeding things out of my life. I think it’s just a natural tendancy to get busier and we have to nip it in the bud. It helps to have a regular day in the week when you can step back and evaluate what you’re doing and why.

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