The Big Faith of the Boston Killers

boston_marathon_explosion_max_blast_2_300x225The boom cannoned over the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon.  Many thought it was a celebration cannon.  Others thought it to be a car backfiring.  Then a second explosion.  Someone had set out to kill.  And they succeeded.

In the hours following, the suspects Dzhorkar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were identified.  Chechnyan Brothers who had a big faith.

Heresy you cry!  Blasphemy you accuse!  But wait.  Supposedly, the pair held a deep conviction in what they believed.  As misplaced and evil as it was, they had a deep faith in what they believed they wanted to do.

Now, before you send the militia to pay me a visit, read slowly these next thoughts.  Faith defined – in the non-biblical sense – is a deep conviction in something or someone. Unfortunately, what they believed was that evil was a way toward personal gain.  They believed that “outsiders” needed to be eliminated in order to bring forward a better world.  They believed reward awaited for those on a killers mission.  Frankly, these may be speculations but if even a speck of it is true, that takes Big Faith.

THE POINT:  You see, you can have a strong faith, but the deeper question is, what is the object of your faith?

Too bad that kind of faith wasn’t directed toward good.  I mean, what if the amount of energy that these brothers expelled was directed at doing something of positive value?  What if their focus was to do something that would enhance the lives of the Boston marathon runners not take their lives instead.  What if the pair spent the days and months planning a cacophony of love and not a conspiracy of hate?  Horrific for them and the hundreds that suffered under their evil.  Their faith was placed in a false god who directed them toward demolition and destruction.

My faith is given and directed toward a living God who says to love others and serve where I can.  My faith is embolden on the risen-ness of His sacrifice so that I too can rise to the occasions of compassion and avoid the addiction of violence.  My faith is embedded in the Grace of Jesus that informs all of life and give me hope today and into eternity.

In whom do you place your faith?




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  1. You did say it so well. I will be sending this to my sons. One in Denver, and one in Beijing, China. I prayed that the younger brother would live, so that hopefully the true story of why they did this horrible thing will be told, and that he will ask for forgiveness. That is all I has a mother of a murdered daughter would like! Nancy in SD

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