Are You Avoiding Something Difficult?

buffaloI’m reading the book “Take the Stairs” by Rory Vaden (click the image below for more).  Rory tells a story that has really helped me in dealing with difficult decisions and conversations.   He says that in Colorado – where he lives – they have both cows and buffalo.  When a storm rears it’s dark-cloudy head over the Rocky Mountains, the cow sees it and tries to run away.  The problem is that the storm soon overtakes the cow.  Since it is running in the same direction as the storm, the cow’s pain is extended as the storm literally hovers over it as it tries to avoid the suffering.

The buffalo sees the same storm.  However, instead of trying to avoid it like the cow, the buffalo turns toward the storm, lowers its head and runs straight at it.  In doing so, he engages the difficulty, plows through the pain and emerges out on the other side thereby decreasing the time spent suffering.

From what storm are you trying to run?  What hard conversation have you been putting off?  What tough decision have you been delaying?

Be a buffalo.  Put your head down and plow through it.  You’ll be glad you did!



What do YOU think?

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