Believe it or not, our nation is very godly.  Ask most anyone on the streets of New York, Boise or Sacramento and they’ll elude to the fact that they have “God” in their lives.  Enter into a conversation with church-goes and church-haters and you’ll discover that “God” that drives their life.
The question is, “who is your god?”  Study our Nations recent history and you’ll find the god of greed, the god of desire, the god of ambition and the god of the unrestrained.  Read the online babble and news about our nation and you’ll discover people more polarized than ever before with liberties being attacked all in the name of the god of safety.

Everyone has “God”.  Many have many.  Some have few.  I have one.  He is a God that informs my life decisions in ways that stun me.  He is a God that shapes, crafts and weaves the seams of my day.  He is a God who is real, alive and lovingly holds me accountable as a good Father would his son.  And I enjoy my walk, holding onto the hand of the God who has told me who He is in the script of a 66 book letter.  The message of that letter to me is, “Todd, even though you followed yourself and denied me, I still love you and have given you life!”

And he signed it with the blood of his son, Jesus.

What god are you following?




Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

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