Lesson from the Labyrinth

labyrinthIt was the first warm day in quite sometime.  Cloudless.  Sun-filled.  A beautiful spring day in Wisconsin.  I arrived at my meeting early and drove to the empty back parking lot of First Presbyterian Church in Hudson.  Maybe it was because I normally ran right into the church, but today, being early, I notice a small white-on-black lettered sign reading “Prayer Labyrinth.”  So I walked in.

(By the way, a Prayer Labyrinth is a mazed pathway leading to a center point on which you offer prayers and spend time with God.)

As I strolled through the brick-lined gravel path, noticing the tall quiet trees that bordered the Labyrinth, I sensed that I was learning what it meant to trust.  You see, occasionally the path would turn to the left and head in a new direction.  Simply follow I thought. On the other side of the large circle-maze it would turn to the right and guide me elsewhere.  Simply follow.  Sometimes it even moved me back and away from where I thought it should go. Simply follow and trust rang in my mind.

But that’s how God wants us to walk with Him. He has us going to the left and sometimes to the right. He has us going forward and sometimes moving back. But ultimately we end where He would want us to end. Jeremiah 29:11‘s original language says that He brings us to an expected end – an end that He has determined and one that fulfills His purpose for our lives.

Ultimately, I emptied out in the middle, sat on the bench and thanked God for the lesson.  The lesson from the Labyrinth is to just walk with Him.  One foot forward.  Simply following.  Authentically trusting.  And praying all the way.



Published by Todd Stocker

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One thought on “Lesson from the Labyrinth

  1. Pastor Todd,

    I wanted to let you know that there is also a great Labyrinth behind the Hudson Hospital.  Access from the ER Parking Lot to the east.  If ever at the hospital with families, it is a great healing and quiet place for reflection and prayer.

    Pat Sherley

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