The Beauty of Duty – Memorial Day

527842234_1e91d32b9cI know many who served in wars.  Afghanistan, Korea, the World Wars.  Men and women who gave up their freedoms, home comforts and safety to ensure that we are secure and that our liberties remain in tact.

While we, who have never donned a uniform, admire their bravery, courage and effort, not one of my veteran friends see what they did as a brave thing.  They don’t call themselves heroes.  They don’t beat their breast in self acknowledgement.  For them, it was simply what they felt called to do.

“It was much like a job description,” said one. “Everyday, we simply reminded ourselves of our mission and what needed to be accomplished.  Then we went out and did it.  It was our duty.”

Today, I remember the duty that ensures freedom.  I remember the millions who did what they did to help make our country great. I remember that they gave their best so that I could strive for mine.  Praise God for men and women who continue to do what they do for the safety of the multitudes.



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