My Value As A Remnant

My wife is fantastic at interior rehab and design.  Those of you who have seen her work can verify.  Staying on or under budget is important to her – and me for that matter – so she is always looking for exceptional value at great prices in the items she buys for the home projects.


One of the items in which she consistently strikes a deal is counter-tops – granite to be specific.  Instead of paying full or even discount prices for these majestic items, she seeks out what are called “remnant” pieces.  A remnant counter-top is the remaining piece after an installation.  Most of the time, these pieces are a bit beat up or irregularly shaped.  Often they end up on the trash heap in back of the installers shop. But my wife sees the value in them.  She sees the beauty in them.  She sees what could be not what has been.  She re-purposes them by having them restored by one of her team and placed into another kitchen in which they look wonderful!

God did the same for the people of Israel in the Old Testament and He does the same for us.  We too are like remnants.  Sometimes beaten up, cast aside, feeling unusable for anything or anybody.  But that isn’t how God sees you.  He sees you for what you are – valuable and useful.  Full of purpose and life.  He sees you as an irreplaceable part of His project called YOU.

Today, live as a loved remnant.  Step into the reality of being a purpose-filled creation of the Ultimate Artist.  As you do, His confidence will be yours and you’ll suddenly realize how valuable you are to the interior design of everyone around you!



By the way – If you live on the east side of the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area, there is a new radio station branding as The Remnant (WAJC 88.1). Take a listen.  I love the music and the message!


4 thoughts on “My Value As A Remnant

  1. Carol Smith says:

    Hey Pastor Todd,

    Could we use this with the RESCUE – the Fortress.

    After attending ATF – I thought calling the youth council of the Fortress the Remnants would be a perfect name for what we are trying to do with the youth center!



    Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 13:05:23 +0000 To:

  2. Lynn Hagerman says:


  3. Nancy Haas says:

    I do not have internet at home, so I come here to Mount Marty College in Yankton, S.D. to check my email, and I thought they were going to be closed today, but are open. I am so HAPPY because then I got to read this. It was so good! Thankyou for reminding me of God’s Love for us. Nancy in SD

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