You Need Breathing Room

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Picture this.  Your iPhone alarm rings on your nightstand.  It’s 7am.  The problem is that your High School aged daughter needs to be at school for an early rehearsal at 7:15.  Good thing its only a 5 minute drive but she’s still sound asleep.  Your spouse is already out of bed and gone, having left early and into his day.  Your other two kids are also asleep but your faithful dog is not.  He found the chicken bones that you discarded in the garbage after dinner last night and is munching on them all over the kitchen floor.

You jump out of bed, fly down the hall and wake up your daughter; she’s now in a GREAT mood.  You throw on your robe rush to the kitchen, impale your foot with a bone sliver and your dog barks at you for ruining his eating experience.  It’s now 7:02.

Toast in. Milk poured.  Keurig on.

From down the hall you hear yelling.  One of your younger two has woken up and slipped into the only bathroom on the second level causing your older daughter to be locked out from her makeup, hair straightener and fingernail polish.  The yelling continues and you rush and join in, addressing your younger one to “get out of there now cause sissy is late!”  He flings open the door and stomps out.  You notice he is frowning and crying but you also notice the finger polish remover has been dumped over onto the counter by his tirade and is dripping down on the wood base.  It’s 7:07.

The dog has just thrown up and your now awake youngest has found it.  “Painting!” she proclaims as you see her making a smiley face with it on the floor and the dog begins to … well you know.  It’s 7:10.

You run to the car, leaving your son to watch the baby while you speed your daughter to school.  You fly into the parking lot, she jumps out of the mini-van like a hurricane, leaving the door open and disappears into the already bustling school building.  Now you have to jump out of your vehicle in your slippers and robe to run around and close the van door.  As you do, the line of cars behind you start to honk.  It’s 7:18.  She’s late.  Your late.

Welcome to your life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some Breathing Room?  That’s the series our church is doing based on a great series by North Point Community Church.  The whole premise is that God has intended for us not to live at our limits all the time.  Not to push the ceiling of our abilities but to intentionally create space in our time, our finances and our schedules.  I love that in 2 Samuel 22:20, God led David out into open spaces and refreshed him there.

You and I need space in our lives.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I constantly late for my daily appointments and duties?
  • Is there always more month at the end of the money?
  • Do I feel distracted because of all the things I feel I have to do at work, home or school?

If you consistently answer yes to these, you may need to start saying no and trust that God will take care of the rest.

“But me he caught—reached all the way from sky to sea; he pulled me out
Of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos, the void in which I was drowning.
They hit me when I was down, but God stuck by me.
He stood me up on a wide-open field; I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!”  2 Samuel 22:17-20



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