Hope In God’s Story

The_Story.001We are doing a study in Max Lucado’s “The Story.”  In the opening introductory chapter, he introduces this idea that can give you hope, security and perspective on your life.  Here’s the concept.

There are two stories happening in our reality.  The first – the Lower Story – is what we experience day to day.  Our relationships.  Our work.  Our seeing, hearing and knowing.  These all form the Lower Story.  For example.  If you get into a car accident, that event is now part of your Lower Story as you perceive it.  For good or for bad the Lower Story are the events through which we navigate moment by moment in our day.

The second is much more vast.  It is much deeper and encompassing.  It is grander and massive.  It is actually the driver and support of your Lower Story.  It is – as Max Lucado puts it – the Upper Story.  This is God’s story, the grand purpose for the universe.  It moves and breathes and informs a future that has already come into existence but we simply haven’t experienced it yet.

Now here is where the feeling of security comes in.  Without God’s Upper Story, our Lower Story seems aimless and without purpose.  A victory in life is simply one’s own achievement that could even be classified as a shallow cause-and-effect.  An illness is simply another indication that our world is broken.

However, when we remember that God’s Upper Story is what is really active in life, we know that what happens to us in our Lower Story is not the final word.  We know that all things are working out toward the reality of His Upper Story.

So how does that give comfort?  When you remember that there is a “bigger picture” (an Upper Story), then setbacks, trials and hardships do not or should not take all of our focus.  When death happens, when sickness occurs, when pain and struggle threaten to overwhelm, then our realization of God’s Upper Story helps you put the momentary events into a correct perspective.

God has a purpose for you.  It is already a reality you are simply experiencing the unfolding of it day-to-day.  Trust in Him and he’ll reveal His Upper Story.



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  1. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}What a glorious way to look at life….I’m buying the book!

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