I heard of an event yesterday that I think is pretty cool for this time of year.  Having worked with single people and college students in the past, I know that one of the frustrating times in life is holidays.  Especially when one doesn’t have family or family close by.


So the event is called “Friends-giving.”  Like Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving happens the weekend before.  One friend opens up their loft to their friends, cooks a turkey or ham and simply celebrates the blessings of friendship.

What makes this gathering different from any other gathering of friends?  It is intentionally geared toward giving thanks for friends.  It is focused on the blessings we derive from being in relationship with those with whom we do life with other than family.  It is lifting up our human need to have friends.

I love it!

Remember that you don’t have to wait until November to celebrate all that God gives you, including your friends.  Train your brain to take a step back and cultivate a thankful attitude – even for your friends.



One thought on “What is FRIENDSGIVING?

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  1. This a great idea! My husband passed away when he was 38, and since then God has given me the most wonderful friends ever! My sons live far away, and yes I have gone to or have had other family over, but sometimes it is best to be with friends:] I wish you and your family and friends a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving! Nancy in SD

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