Your Choices Have Outcomes

choose-your-pathI was standing in the store, eavesdropping on a mom and her son’s conversation.  He was trying to decide on which toy to buy his littler sister. He held in one hand some sort of over-accesorized doll and in the other, a storybook.  After several moments, of lifting up one over the other, he placed the doll back on the shelf and clutched the book to his chest stating, “I’m choosing this one because we can read it together.”

Wise choice.

You hold in your hand the incredible power of choice.  Every moment of your life, you are making decisions that affect not only your immediate moments, but your longer term future.  Your choices affect the quality and quantity of your life and of those around you.  When you make a choice, they have consequences (or outcomes) and they can have a dramatic positive or negative affect.

If we choose only that which is beneficial to us, that leads to a kind of death.  Death in relationships.  Death in our peace.  Death in our confidence. Death in our lives.   But if we choose to follow the right and wise way – that leads to life.  Life in our relationships.  Life in our world.  Life inside of you.

So ask yourself.  When I make my daily decisions, who is the beneficiary?  Are my decisions helping others?  Are they inline with my God-given life purpose? Do they add value to people in my world?

Choose well – Live well.

Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living. (Romans 6:16 NLT)



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  1. This was so good, I just knew he would pick the book, but I was thinking of my 2 year old grandson who loved already to look at books, but how special for this young man to choose it because he wanted to read with his sister:] Hope you are staying warm in Minn. It is cold here too:] Nancy in SD

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