Give It; Receive It

“The sense of fulfillment is often hidden in kindness to others”

I’ve enjoyed being able to coach a few folks on nutrition, heath and weight loss. One person I was coaching recently decided to get healthy and within a week lost a chunk of weight.  Simple to do, really.  Make the decision. Add fresh greens.  Drink more water.  Cut back on carbs.  Keep physically moving.

helping-othersAfter the initial 10 day start program, I asked what they learned so far.  “I am amazed that I didn’t have to change very many things.  I feel like I’m gaining a lot!  I’m gaining confidence. I’m gaining comfort. I’m gaining joy.”

For me, I shared in their joy.  I gained as they lost. A sense of fulfillment was wrapped up in helping someone else.  I know you’ve had that experience as well.  You help someone out – it benefits their life – you share in their happiness.  I believe we are wired this way.

Sad is the person who only helps themselves.  Frustrated is the one who focuses on taking and not giving.  Bitter is the taste of selfishness.

To whom are you going to offer help this week?

(To Find out more about the 10 day start program, click here)



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