Part 2: You have to have a big ‘WHY’

the-big-whyMany questions about health dive right into goals, strategy and tactics. We are curious about how to do something. We seek out what the keys are. But the question that not only gets you to the starting line but keeps you motivated throughout the journey is why. Why do you want to get healthy? Why do you want to lose the extra winter weight. A strong why will keep you going. A strong why will focus your choices. The bigger the why the bigger the success.

I read a story about a woman who’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was there and unbeknownst to him, she 051913_ff_soldier_640decided to lose 100 pounds before his return. The video clips force tears because her why is rehearsed in a statement she said during one interview. “If he is strong enough to serve our country, I am strong enough to give this gift to him.” In another interview, she said, “The reason I lost the weight began with him but then I realized that I was doing it for me.”  (Read the story).

So if you’ve identified an area in which you want to improve, you need to craft a ‘why’ statement. How do you do that? Follow these steps:

  1. Write down all the answers to the question, “I want to (lose weight, get financially free, increase my strength) because (__________________). Brainstorm. Put down all the possibilities. Jot all your thoughts.
  2. Look through the list and put a ‘+’ sign by the reasons that are written in a positive light. Scratch out all the negative ones.
  3. Of the positive statements, which one is the biggest? When you read them, which one jumps off the page or makes you feel like you’ve come alive?
  4. Rewrite that statement making sure that it is about what you’ll gain and not what you’ll loose. (e.g. I’m not losing weight, I’m gaining strength. I’m not losing pounds, I’m gaining confidence).  If you want to shoot it to me, I’ll give you some confidential feedback.  Send it to me here.
  5. Put it on a card so you can see it throughout the day.

This was mine, “I want to lose weight because I want to gain comfort for me and those who watch me.” Let me explain. First, I was uncomfortable getting up out of chair. I was uncomfortable in clothes that were too tight or didn’t fit right. I was uncomfortable walking up stairs. I didn’t like that. Second, I speak weekly in front of large groups of people. I know that if I am uncomfortable then the audience can intuitively pick that up and they’ll feel uncomfortable as well. I want the audience to benefit from what I say without any distractions.

Notice that my why was about me first and others second. Internal conviction drives external action. If you’re getting healthy because of someone else, you won’t achieve the results you’re after.  Even the woman in the story above realized that it was first about her, then her husband.

So what area of your life needs improvement? Is it physical health? Is it financial health? Follow the simple exercise and return to it over and over.

What questions do you have?  Ask them confidentially below:

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  1. Todd, I agree with everything you state in your blog regarding having a BIG “Y”. This is extremely well written for a number of reason; most of all because of the simply (yet not easy) instructions in defining ones “why”. Another great understanding of “Why”, mostly from a business perspective, can be found at the TED talks on video. Check out Simon Sinek and his discussion of the “Golden Circle”. I know you and your followers will love it.

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