Makenzie: Five Years Old


Today is my ‘oldest’ daughters birthday.  There won’t be presents.  There won’t be cake.  You won’t find our family all together dining at her favorite restaurant or sharing stories of past celebrations around the table.

Makenzie has graduated from all of that.  Her final birthday celebration was five years ago today, a month before she died.  I guess, putting it that way, my oldest is now my youngest.  She’s five years in heaven (if there were a measure of time in eternity).

As I watch the sun paint its beauty across this morning’s sky, I miss my five year old.  I miss her dance.  I miss her smile.  I miss the way she snorted when she laughed and I miss her random hugs.  I tear up thinking of the unmerited “I love you, Daddy” that she’d giggle to me at all times of the day.

IMG_0324_7006bYet in my morning solemness, I am grateful.  Because this Daddy’s heart first and foremost wants to know that my kids are safe.  Makenzie is.  God made sure of that.  He loves her more than I do, if that were even possible.  She is with Him, waiting for me.

And so I’ll ponder her life today.  I’ll roam the halls of my memories.  At times, I’ll smile and I’ll moisten.  I’ll be quiet and I’ll laugh.  All because of my little five year old who is finally home.

(Read Makenzie’s Story Here or type her name in the search bar at the right for more blog posts about her life)




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  1. Birthdays and anniversaries provide annual reminders to celebrate, and to grieve. The joining of those two emotions is certainly a mark of our sinful human condition. You point vividly at the life without sin, in heaven, in the presence of God’s love. Doing life together, God’s way, is a life worth aspiring to. And yet God’s love is not limited to heaven. And God teaches us to love. Here. In our sin-stained world.

    Today I too celebrate a birthday, the gift of a granddaughter. I thank God for her, and pray that God continue to teach me how to love her, and others. I pray God will allow us to be a blessing to each other for many years. I will treasure the years we have together. But whether our time on earth ends because my death or hers, I will be thankful of the joy she is in my life, and God’s love for both of us. I will celebrate the hope that is ours for a life together in heaven, forever.

    But today I will celebrate a birthday. And I thank you, Todd, for sharing the joy, pain, and hope that is ours as we love the people who are closest to us. God’s peace to you, today, and every day.

    1. God Bless you Todd. Reading how you deal with such a great loss helps me to better understand that my son Howie is safe and waiting for me to someday join him. Our lives our enriched my our children and the memories we cherish will always bring us happiness and comfort.

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