Part 4: Getting Healthy – Can I Do This?

I-can-doBefore I decide to coach someone on getting healthy, I meet over coffee to discuss their readiness.  In that initial conversation, the question “Can I do this?” often comes up.  Usually it is based on trial and failure from the past.

The question is not a good question.  “Can I do this” immediately put’s doubt and negativity on the table.  “Can I do this” attaches a ball and chain to any positive effort you attempt.  In my meeting, the potential coachee has to get to a point of not asking “Can I do this?”  but saying “I can do this.”

It is not positive thinking.  It is not some incantation that holds a magic spell.  It is simply a decision that you make in your mind to follow through, with help, until a small goal is reached.  Results fuel belief which causes us to take more action and get more results.  

The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Every intentional action begins in the mind.  Every positive life-change that you control finds it’s starting line in the mind.

My little book, “Break Through Weight Loss” has so much more to say on this including never doing this journey alone and getting your mind right.  This is why I get people started with my 10 day jumpstart.  10 days is all it takes to see results.  Watch for more on that as well.

Next Post:  Now is the Time!

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