God Will Stop Your Traffic

traffic-jamTraffic normally doesn’t ruffle my feathers. That one day, it did.

I was late for an appointment and I hate being late. You know the drill. Rushing out the door. Grasping at anything. Bumping into everything. Feeling like your world is on the verge of collapse. You neglect the goodbye-spouse kiss and speed backward out of your driveway almost hitting the 5th grader walking to the bus stop.

That day, construction rerouted me and the rest of Minneapolis onto a side street that led to the convergence of 5 opposite streams of traffic, cramming into an immediate two lanes that was pushed to one further up the way.

There I sat, wondering if my Honda could handle a trek across mountainous terrain to get to my looming appointment. This was going to take me forever.

But then I made a decision. I chose to look out the window at the bordering forestry. I chose admiration over perspiration. A large black oval shape caught my eye. It was the 10 foot diameter of a bald eagle’s nest with it’s resident sitting on the edge. It was a sight that was majestic and it filled my soul with wonder.

God has a way of slowing you down to see the things He want’s you to see. He is particular in the ways He does it. He is intentional in His timing and He is planned in His purpose for which He gives it.

What if the momentary traffic jam you’re experiencing is urging you to look into the forestry of His beauty? What if that overwhelming feeling is calling you to instead be overwhelmed by His love? What if a cluster of problems draws you closer to Him?

It’s only traffic. You’ll get there eventually.

“Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry?”  Jeremiah 2:25, The Message

(By the way, if you live in the St. Paul area and want to know where that nest is, click here)



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