Robin Williams – The Comedic Pause

Robin-WilliamsThere is a tool used in a monologue of comics called “the comedic pause.”  The purpose of this pause is to set up a laugh line. In essence, a comic would tell a story and right before the punch line, he’d pause, creating a sense of tension before he’d ‘drop the funny line’ – the best of the whole story.

The world is experiencing a comedic pause in the death of Robin Williams.  Event details dribble out but most are stunned at the loss of such a larger than life public figure.  We hear he was just a regular – brilliant – guy, riding his bike around the Bay Area and talking with adoring fans as if they were neighbors.  Often, he’d be seen performing at the local comedy club for pennies of what he normally commanded.

I think that death is a comedic pause for the life of a Christ-follower.  We tell our stories and our death sets up a tension until the last punch line of Christ’s return.  For me, that will be a joyous, if not hilarious, day.  A day when all who are in the kingdom will tell the last and final statement of victory and then let the laughter begin – for all eternity.

I don’t know, but I pray that Robin will be counted among us comedians.  Can you imagine what eternity would be like with Mork walking it’s streets.  I laugh even at the thought.



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  1. Hi Todd,I have watched so many tributes coming in about Robin Williams; he was a tortured soul in a way.  I loved his movies…he was brilliant.  We shall see what Eternity brings with him.  You’re right; he’d be so funny in Heaven.Lynn

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