We Are Circular Breathers

kenny-g-curlsI’m a string player not a wind player.  Simply put, string players play instruments that use metal, hyde or woven wires to emanate sound.  Guitars, mandolins and dulcimers would fall into this category.  Wind players use their breath to blow into an instruments, usually utilizing reeds and stops to create sounds.  Flutes, trumpets and bagpipes (areophones) would fall into this grouping.  Being a ‘stringer,’ I’m often in awe of the ‘windies’ and their ability to create such beautiful tones, balanced with the perfect pressure of their breath.

What’s more fascinating, at least to me, is a method they use called ‘circular breathing.’   Circular breathing is a technique used by players to produce a continuous tone without interruption. This is accomplished by breathing in through the nose while simultaneously pushing air out through the mouth using air stored in the cheeks. So literally, one could play and entire melody line without taking a breath.  On February 2000, Vann Burchfield set a new Guinness world record for circular breathing, holding one continuous note for 47 minutes, 6 seconds, surpassing the record held by Kenny G.  (Watch a video on the technique HERE). 

Think about that.  Continuous breath.  No pause.  No break, just a sustained engagement with music.

For those of us who are Christ-followers, we too are circular breathers.  From God’s perspective, there is no pause, no break in the movement of air He calls His Holy Spirit.  His Spirit is in constant movement through the lungs of our faith.  His Spirit lives and moves and breathes in and through us creating an unending melody line called our story.

You and I are circular breathers.  We breathe the Spirit of God.  We inhale and exhale as we walk in His Grace and there will never be a final note.



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  1. This is beautiful.  I’m not a musician but appreciate what you wrote.  I enjoy Kenny G’s music….wish he were a Christian.  I’m happy to know that I’m a circular breather.God Bless you,Lynn

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