The Sower: Good Soil is Synchronized

goodsoilThe story of the sower and the seed is rich with truth and application.  (You can read it here).  But of all the ‘soils’ that Jesus mentions, the one that hits me today is the good soil – not because it’s who I’m striving to be and not because it’s the Christian thing to say.  It is the fascination with Jesus’ description of it.  Jesus says “the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.

Diving deeper, the greek word for ‘understands’ means to take truth and comprehend it as part of a whole.  The word is where our English word ‘synchronize’ is derived.  I think of synchronized swimmers.  Their movements and positions in the water match each other.  I think of a piano synchronized string to string.  It is in tune and produces breath-taking music that soothes souls.  I think of an engine synchronized by the master mechanic.  It’s low hum is the reflection of uber performance.

My synchronization comes in aligning myself with who God wants me to be and then what He wants me to be about.  I am His child and bear His name.  I am to be about love and grace, mercy and peace.  I am to add value to others which honors God.  In that, I am synchronized by the Spirit to be a reflection of His love.

Than’s Good Soil.



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  1. This was very Special, I am sending it to both by sons. One in Denver, and one in Portland, Oregon. God’s Blessing, Nancy in SD

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