I’m Forgiven: Millions And Thousands

forgiven_debt.001I love the story Jesus tells in Matthew 18 of a guy who owed a king millions of dollars.  The king decides to call in all his debts which obviously put the guy in a very bad spot.  The man begged for mercy and the king forgave the millions.  But then the forgiven guy turns around and finds someone who owes him only a few thousand dollars.  He basically beats him up and puts him in jail until he could pay it back. 

When the king found out, he had the original forgivee thrown in prison and tortured for his lack of compassion, perspective and mercy.

Millions and Thousands.

Crazy thing is, that doesn’t sound like our God.  When God cancels the debt of our sin, it’s a done deal right?  Why would a loving God turn and torture we who are born in sin?  Aren’t we forgiven through Christ’s sacrifice? 

What  if the prison and torture to which Jesus is referring has a deeper meaning.  What if the consequence of your lack of forgiveness feels like a prison.  I know for me, when I hold grudges and harbor resentment against other people, that I am ‘tortured’ by the un-peace I sense and can’t live in freedom in that relationship until I forgive. 

God has forgiven me the millions upon millions of sin debt.  Today, I will strive to let go the feelings of wanting revenge, of passive aggressive tendencies and of grade-school grudges.  Today, I will live holding the perspective of the millions over and against the thousands.



What do YOU think?

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