Makenzie’s College Visit: Revelation University

Makenzie collegeWe’ve begun a search.

Our youngest is a senior in High School and is in the process of college-shopping.  For those of you who’ve walked this path, you know that it means college-visits and you understand the drill:  setting up appointments with the various departments, looking at their academics, talking with coaches and those who fan the flame of the arts – it’s all part of the gig.  But the most telling and the most exciting part of this journey is the time you actually step on campus to take a look and the environment and feel the ‘vibe’ of the school.

Why do we parents want to do this cross-country trekking?  Simply because we want to know where our kids are going to be.  We want to know what it looks like.  We want to know it’s safe.  We want a visual to hold when they leave our proverbial nest and venture to ‘that distant land.’

This morning, I did a college visit.  (Stay with me as I make a connection).  My SOAP Devotion was on Revelation 21+22 which describes the ‘college’ at which my oldest daughter, Makenzie, now attends.  I walked the halls of the campus that holds an estimated 195 Quadrillion people.  I strolled through its center cut in half by the flowing Alma Mater River of Life.  I inquired about the after dark curfew for the dorms and found out there was none since night didn’t exist there.  (Whew!)

At the end, I came off the visit satisfied that my Makenzie is in the perfect setting.  She is in the Heaven that someday I’ll attend.  She is meeting tons (literally) of new people.  She is learning more and more about the President and Leadership of Heaven and she is completely happy – no sorry, worry or tears.  My daddy-heart is joyful because I know where she is and what it looks like.

And the beauty is, it’s all free!




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  1. This was just awesome!! This weekend will be the 22 anniversary of my Tammy’s murder homecoming weekend at the age 19. I truly know also how awesome Heaven is, but you writing as you did today, well there are just no words. Nancy in SD

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