I Choose Joy

choose-joy-todayUp here, it’s cold, rainy and dark.  The yellowing tree leaves pretend to be the sun but it’s still rank with clouds.  Such it is transition for us Northerners from summer to winter through fall.

I enjoy the change but I have to choose to do so.  I like when old and new collide into a splattering of colors, but I have to choose to do so.  I happily breathe deep the morning chill that is the appetizer to frost, but I have to choose to do so.

My life – your life – is threaded with changes and transitions.  Losses and hurts, joys and euphorias, all write on the pages our your story.  How is God asking you to respond?  How do you handle the ache of an empty household?  How do you deal with the mountain of responsibilities that lean my way?

God says,

“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Romans 12:12.

Basically, God indicates that I have the power of choice.

So, today, as the leaves fall around me and the fall-rain sets in, I choose joy.



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  1. It is just like you said here in SD too. Leaves are falling:] I am excited to come to a wedding in Northfield, MInn next weekend. I hope to attend church at Trinity there in Northfield:] Nancy in SD

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