He Restores My Soul


It’s the kind of morning that comes too often.  Flying into the hours too fast.  Running out the door.  Forgetting what shouldn’t be forgotten and listening to the drone of the radio talk as I head to work.  

Except, this morning, I choose to derail the norm.  I really don’t need to get into work before my first of many meetings.  I really don’t need to learn one more thing about the world.  So, this morning, I choose to power down.  Radio off.  Deep breath in.  And now I’m positioned at a coffee shop, waiting for the sun to crawl from its bed and pull off the covers of light that wakens my side of the earth.

I need refreshing today.  I need restoration.  It’s been a long run.  

“… he restores my soul”

Biblically, ‘restore’ means to return back to an original place.  That’s what I need — what you need — daily restoration of your total being, back to a place of simple purity, of hope, of comfort and peace.  

Unfortunately, it’s cloudy today.  No direct rays of reddish-orange light cutting through a devilish blue night sky.  But there is light, nonetheless — enough to remind me that all is okay, all is well.  Rushing is optional — my choice to do.  And today, I choose to be restored.  



4 thoughts on “He Restores My Soul

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  1. It’s a good reminder to slow down and take a deep breath. Take in Gods beauty! Especially driving to work and looking at the trees.

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