Super Bowl XLIX Greatness


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Deflate gate. Brady sickness.  Sherman due date.  No matter what part of the NFL Super Bowl XLIX saga you follow, each has the possibility of making this Super Bowl one that could change on a dime [or millions of them if you’re a player].

Each year, it seems there are countless distractions for the players and fans.  But if you watch closely, you’ll see greatness overcome obstacles.  I mean, this is the Super Bowl, the biggest game on the planet.  When the coin drops and the fist ball is kicked, the players will rise to the occasion because that’s what greatness does.

We all experience Super Bowl moments – times in our lives when we are called to rise to greatness.  If we focus on the obstacles and the sub storyline that threatens to hold us back, we are, even before the first whistle blows, defeated.

Visualize the end.  Picture the process of victory.  Each play of your life.  Each decision on the daily field.  Each response to a bad call.  You are given God’s power to win, obstacles and all.




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2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX Greatness

  1. Lynn Hagerman says:

    Todd, that is a great lesson for us today.  Thanks for sending this. Don’t think I’m going to watch it…well, maybe a little but not interested in the teams this year.Hope you, Kelli and the children are doing well.Lynn

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