Coming Alive


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Have you ever had one of those days that seemed like you were slopping through meetings, tasks and emails at the pace of a snail.  Have you ever come home exhausted and could barely remember smiling over the past 8-10 hours?

We’ve all been there.  Often, much of our day is centered on duty rather than on purpose.  Those days can be long.  Those days can be rough.  Those days can lull you into simply existing rather than living.

God has designed you to be passionate about life here on earth [and in the future].  Passion isn’t an emotion.  Emotion is the by-product of passion.  Passion is a centered-ness around that which makes you come alive (Tweet this).  When you identify those times in your day when you felt alive, you can duplicate what was happening and create a life that is more joyful than misery. Small daily action creates large life-time wins!

So what happened today (or yesterday) that made you feel like you were making a difference?  When was it that you added value to other people and as a result, you sensed a flame burning a bit brighter inside you?  How were you Christ-like in the way you viewed the world?






What do YOU think?

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