Find Your Hammer

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Why is it that we tend to try to live our lives doing something we weren’t designed to do?

hammer_nailI’ve started to collect interesting crosses to hang on my wall behind my desk.  Someone gave me another just the other day.  Determined to add to the display, I grabbed a nail from my desk and decided on the new addition’s position.

I had a problem.

The other pastor was in the office next to mine, entrenched in a deep counseling conversation.  Bang, Bang, Bang wouldn’t have helped so I decided to push the nail into the wall instead of hammer it. 

I grabbed a corked coaster, set the nail and began to push.  Instantly, the nail popped through the coaster which crumbled in my hand.  Next, I tried a  heel of a stapler.  The small head of the nail cut this apart as well. Then I tried my coffee mug.  The nail simply scratched the surface as it slipped off the rounded edge. 

After three tries, I went to the hammer.  Thankfully, the pastor had completed his conversation and I pounded away, hanging the cross on the newly set nail.

It’s taken me roughly 20 years to begin to understand that I’m not a coaster, stapler or mug.  I found my “hammer” in that I’ve realized what I’m good at and what I’m not.  I’m discovering everyday how God’s wired me and I’m designing my life to use my gifts in a way that helps others and makes me come alive

What about you?



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