Love Year Round

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Can love be limited?

love year round.001So I’m going to make a judgment and hopefully you can look past my assumptions in order to get the gist of this post.

I was in WalMart the other day and a man and two women entered the same aisle in which I wandered.  [Here comes the judgment].  Based on their conversation and their over all appearance, I assumed that we were different. Politics, socio-economics and most likely sexual orientation played a part of our differences [again, total assumptions on my part.  But keep reading].

They were talking about the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. One of them said, “I’ve heard people wanting to start a celebration of singles day.” The others in the group chuckled. Then she paused and said something very profound. She said,

“Why do we have to have a special day for love? Why can’t we celebrate love all year round?”

My heart leapt out of my chest. I immediately turned to the group, smiled and said “Amen to that!”

We all join together in humorous laughter and an exchange of smiles.

You see, differences are differences. I’m different from you; you’re different from me. Yet we all have this one thing in common — we all want love.  We want to love and be loved.  We want to know that within love, we matter — we have value — and that kind of love is something to be celebrated year round. 

How awesome is it that God loves us year round! [Tweet that]!  He doesn’t relegate sending a card once a year and he doesn’t give us some cheap store-bought candy blessing.  He is love and he gave himself for me, for you and for my new-found friends in, of all places, WalMart.

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the differences and celebrate the wonder of God’s year-round love.



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