Don’t Let Fear Box You In

Why do we put God in a box?

box of fearI do it.  You do it.  I think every human being who knows there’s a God, does it.  We try to figure him out.  We try to wrap our finite human understanding around an infinite God. 

I preached on Mark 9 yesterday when Jesus took his friends up a mountain where he was — here comes a churchy word — transfigured.  Basically, this word means to change into something that far more beautiful or spiritual than its original form.  Simply put, Jesus gave his friends a glimpse of who he really was.  (read it here).

Given that visual, Peter said something that, to me, is idiotic but understandable.  “Let’s build shelters for us to stay in?”  So here you have Jesus showing his godly glory and Peter thinks he needs shelter. 

Out of fear, Peter reacted in a human way. Fear causes us to put things in boxes [Tweet that].  Fear makes us want to control.  Fear requires that self-focus override reason.

It’s easy to take the Jesus who loves children.  It’s easy to accept the Jesus who heals the poor and is kind to strangers.  What about the Jesus who brings a sword, whose message breaks up families and who will come to judge all of humanity?  As Christ-followers, we either take all of him or none of him.  Maybe that is why Peter was so afraid.  He realized who Jesus was and became afraid of the life-changing implications.  

When Jesus is moving your life out of its comfort zone, fear appears.  Don’t trust that emotion.  Tell yourself to trust in Jesus.  Tell Jesus you trust in him.  Resist the urge to put him in a box and all will be well, my friends.  All will be well.

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