How To Make It A Great Day!

“Do I have any choice on how my day turns out?”

It dawned on me that ever morning is a morning-sunshinebeginning.  I know — not an incredibly brilliant thought.  But what a blessing it is to turn the page on a new day and do it again.  How awesome it is that the night provides a “fade out – fade in” experience that allows for a new look, a new perspective, a new energy to take on the tasks of today and move forward into the future.

However, every morning you have a decision to make, a question to answer.  The outcome of the question will make or break your outlook on life, longer term.  That question is … with a decision you must make.  It is a decision you must tackle at the crack of sunlight.  It is a choice you must face before you feet hit the floor.  The question you must answer is this,

What kind of day am I going to make it?

Zig Ziglar used to call his alarm clock an ‘opportunity’ clock.  Cheesy, yes, but it starts your mind right.  It highlights the truth that God gives you a beginning, today.  In the morning, God gives you a fresh start [tweet that!] He lays out the hours before you with certain directives and encouragements.  You have the opportunity to view your day in a positive way and it all starts by choosing to make it a great day.

By the way, Philippians 4 has a good verse to read in the morning.  Click here to read it now.



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