Be Angry

be_angry.001“Are you angry about the right things?”

All of us get angry.  There is something that someone does or a situation that doesn’t work out that causes our faces to redden, our brows to furrow and our pulse to do backflips.  There is a holy place for anger if it is spurred by the right things.  

Yet how many of us become angry over things that just don’t matter.  Is it really a big deal when someone drives up onto your bumper and flashes their lights in an effort to be the first car at the next stop light?  Is it really cosmic that they forgot your coffee order at the coffee shop or were slow in taking the order in the first place?  

I submit – No. 

Jesus showed a well-placed anger when he entered the temple and saw the entrepreneurs of the day buying, selling and exchanging items required for the participants to use at Passover.  His anger’s core centered not on the business model or eagerness of the sellers.  He became enraged at the disrespect they showed simply by degrading God’s sacred place (John 2).

It causes me to ask myself, “Am I angry about the right things?”  Does my heart hurt for those in need?  Do I intentionally love those whom I’ve previously neglected.  Do petty things hold my attention while life-changing situations go unnoticed?

Join me in being angry at the right things.



3 thoughts on “Be Angry

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  1. My main anger is directed against the way our country is being dragged down, seeing many ways communism is being woven into this God-blessed country of ours.

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