3 Choices of Anger

3-ways-anger-response“What Do I Do With My Anger?”

Have you ever been angry?  I mean, the kind of anger that boils up inside to a point that it lashes out on everyone and everything around you.   In the moment, you felt like you’re possessed with some demon of revenge and your monster instincts take over.  After, you think, “I can’t believe I just did that!” 

Different sets of circumstances and people groups anger each of us.  Some become enraged at inconsistencies in their work place.  Other become furious when the family member harms the relationship.  

Anger is simply an emotion — just like sadness or fear or happiness or pride.  The key with any of these emotion is how you handle it. Most of us handle anger one of three ways.

  1. We return it.  Some snarky comment comes from a co-worker after your presentation and you immediately snark back.  Your social media friend rips into you about a recent post and you fire back a thread that throws-up all of them and the rest of us.  “Revenge” would be this actions battle cry. 
  2. We retain it.  The anger emotion rises up inside us but we simply stuff it way down in our psyche – never dealing with it – never letting it motivate us to do better things.  Eventually, the anger builds up and causes a relational heart-attack. 
  3. We redeem it.  The word “Redeem” means to take something of lesser value and trade it in for something better.  Think of having a concert ticket.  At the door, you trade it in for a much more valuable experience.  Redeeming anger means using those anger feelings toward something of higher value.  Controlling the raging fire within us and choosing to do something godly with it.  What would that be?  Kindness.  The Bible says that a soft word turns away wrath.

Controlled anger leads to positive action [tweet that].  Maybe when someone screams at you and your feel incensed, don’t escalate or retaliate, kindly respond with, “I’ll have to think about what you said,” or “I understand but let’s take a break from this for a second.”

Aren’t you glad that God didn’t return his anger about your sin to you.  Aren’t you thankful that he didn’t retain it and say, “Forget it!  You are on your own!”  

No.  God redeemed his anger toward your sin by turning it into something good.  He took the hurt humanity heaped on him by sending Jesus to redeem mankind.  He traded the brokenness of the world and offered it wholeness and life. He chose to love and not hate.  

Is there a way you can do the same?  (Click Here to read a related post).



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