One Of Those Great Days!

family-time“How Can I Spend More Time With My Family?”

[These questions come from readers.  If you have a question, ask it here.]

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) was one of those days that skyrocketed above others in recent months.  You see, our family is at the point where each are holding competing schedules which minimizes our time together.  My son tours with his band, my daughter is crunching in “friend time” before she heads to college, my wife flies with a local airline and I am intent on my work.

Yet, the glory of yesterday was that all of us paused.  We took a break.  We noticed ink-lessness on the pages of our schedule and refused to fill it.  It had been quite a while since the four of us spent all day and night together.  

The wonderful thing about it was we talked and ate and laughed and argued and laughed again.  It was simply living in the churchy word “fellowship.”  We fellowshipped with each other.  We shared in commonness and joy.   We regrouped and caught up.  

When was the last time you refused to let the bias of busyness get in the way of your family ‘fellowship?’  When was the last time you carved out a day, an afternoon, a moment to look in the other’s eyes and dive deep into their experience?

10384472_10203213279431838_5694741344373953497_nYou were made to be in a family.  You were made to live in those relationships.  Perfect or less than, God placed you there.  Enjoy them. Learn from them.  Know them and be known by them.  Maybe, God will allow you to experiences one of those days.  



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