How You Talk Affects Everything! – Todd


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In recent years, parts of the way I talk have bugged me.  Not my public speaking so much, but my everyday conversation.  There are times when I’m mid-sentence and I realize how negative my word choice is and how I sound more like a complainer than a Christ-follower.

The reason I’ve become so sensitive to my negative speech is it affects me, my attitude and the people around me.  Speaking about anything or anyone with a defeatist attitude drap-colors your day.  It molds your hours and heart into bitterness and keeps you from enjoying the miracles that bounce around you.  

This doesn’t mean ignoring wrong or disparity in the world, but solution-side-speaking helps with attitude, function and accomplishment.  Speaking right inherently opens your spirit to helping rather than hurting. Most importantly, speaking in the positive brightens other people and they begin to trust and respect you [read a verse on that].  

So think of your speech today.  Ask the Holy Spirit to make you keenly aware when negativity begins to creep around your conversations.  Can you turn it into something better.  

If you need help, ponder one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials in recent past.


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