How To Live Through Regret – Todd

live_through_regretThe thought creeps onto the screen that plays in your mind.  It takes over the movie of your life and consumes you in its twisted reflection of your past.  It is called “Regret.”

All of us own them.  Some more than others.  Regrets are those events, conversations, or lack of actions that seek to demolish our confidence with reminders of our perceived failure.  I’ve talked with many poor souls so shackled with regrets that they are unable to step into a future of life and love and joy.  

Believe me, I’ve been there.  Maybe you’re there now.

Yet at a certain point, you have to make a realization — a mental turning point — about regrets.  Here it is:  They only have power in as much as you give them meaning.  They can only affect your life so long as you let them.  Yes, the fault may be yours.  Yes, opportunities have slipped by but your future need not be broken down because of your past.  

That is what forgiveness is about — the idea that the wrong has been redeemed, that the guilt of the infraction is absolved.  God’s forgiven you, why not forgive yourself? . You may always remember what occurred (or more likely, didn’t occur) but stuff that back into your pocket as a reminder that life can always be better.  

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” – IS43:18


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