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I’ve not commented on the video’s that have come out recently about Planned Parenthood and their abortion goals.  Mostly because there are plenty who already have and I’d be echoing the same voice.  Yet the most recent video released by the Center for Medical Progress is so horrifying that I can’t let it go. 

The ten minute clip shows medical personnel describing how they cut into the face of a baby to “procure” its brain – a highly sought after body part that brings in a lot of cash.  Other videos in the series show Planned Parenthood representatives describing what it takes to harvest organs from aborted babies.  The procedures are gruesome as just mentioned.  The casual conversations of those who negotiate the transactions are cruel.  

Baby’s heart still beating — it flinches at pain — it moves on its own.  

For those of you still reading, you need to know this isn’t a democratic, republican or libertarian issue.  It isn’t an institutionally religious issue either.  It’s a life issue and people from all political and religious parties are disgusted with this.  

I find it interesting that I have no emotion.  I’m not angry.  I’m not depressed.  I’m not even sad.  I’m past all of those.  I am deeply, deeply stunned — even numb.  Most others are.

My response?  I’m not going to shake a finger at anybody saying what they are doing is evil, even though God says it is.  I’m not going to take up a sign and make my cut in the concrete outside of a clinic.  I’m not going to post videos and pictures on my social media — save this one.  I believe these things make a point but not a difference.  Others do these.  If you’re one of them, have at it.  

I am going to do what I’ve always done — pray for Holy Spirit to change hearts.  I will pray for the decision making of the desperate teenage mom and speak words of truth and life into people who don’t know either.  I will love on them as much and wherever I can and live out the forgiveness and grace that is found in the loving arms of Jesus.  Maybe God will call me to do more but for now, I am simply stunned.  


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The Video:  (Caution when watching)

Prager University video:  An unemotional explanation of Abortion.

What do YOU think?

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