When Evil Goes On Live TV – Todd Stocker.com

evil-tvJust a normal live broadcast for reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.  They loved what they did and this past week, they died doing it.  A former employee and co-worker raised slinked onto the shot and murdered the two of them and injured a third.

I couldn’t believe the evil.  It was meticulous and planned.  One of the videos show the perspective of the cowardly shooter who raised his gun a few times before firing rounds at the news crew who had no idea the live shot would culminate in death shots.    

This wasn’t laser tag.  This was live TV.  This wasn’t a video game with pixelated forms and alien invaders.  This was real life with people who loved and were loved.  

Many call it evil.  The diagnosis of the shooter is projected as disillusioned depression.  Both are correct for in the fall of man, evil distorts awareness, judgement and relationship.  Evil warps perception and ‘self’ seeks to fill its own emptiness.  

I believe our world is heading for a ‘shaking’ — a reset, if you will — and this event confirms it even more.  I read the times.  I look at the convergence of religious and stellar calendars.  I see the increased access to evil deeds around the globe.  Somehow, I strive to be like the biblical men of Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what to do.  

Yet I am not disheartened for I know God has overcome the evil that thinks it will win.  I am anchored in the truth that no matter what happens in the world or to me, I’ll be okay — even if I end up on live TV. 

Take heart.  Jesus has overcome the world.  John 16


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