011: One Secret Of Good Leadership – Todd Stocker.com

Leadership is a precious gift to business, home and community. While there are different types of leaders, there is one secret that all good leaders have in common. That’s the topic today on The Take Back Your Life Podcast


I’ve been a leadership junkie for years.  Some of my favorite  Rory Vaden’s ‘Take the Stairs, Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ and my friend, John Nemo’s ‘Fired Up’.  (See below for links to these books).

Jim collins wrote ‘Good to Great’ and in it, he talks about 5 levels of leadership.  Here is a graphic to describe these levels:
Level 5 leadership — consists of the duality, some would consider to be paradoxical, of 2 key attributes:
  • Professional will —
  1. Creates superb results, a clear catalyst in the transition from good to great.
  2. Demonstrates an unwavering resolve to do whatever must be done to produce the best long-term results, no matter how difficult.
  3. Sets the standard of building an enduring great company; will settle for nothing less.
  4. Looks in the mirror, not out the window, to apportion responsibility for poor results, never blaming other people, external factors, or bad luck.
  • Personal humility —
  1. Demonstrates a compelling modesty, shunning public adulation; never boastful.
  2. Acts with quiet, calm determination; relies principally on inspired standards, not inspiring charisma, to motivate.
  3. Channels ambition into the company, not the self; sets up successors for even greater success in the next generation.
  4. Looks out the window, not in the mirror, to apportion credit for the success of the company-to other people, external factors, and good luck.

This one — Personal Humility — I call selflessness.

Selfless doesn’t mean, being a milk toast, non decisive or strong leader.  Selfless means someone who is confident in their abilities, is a competent decision maker, but makes decisions based on what is best for the organization – OR for their family not themselves.

For example, Nelson Mandela, Warren Buffett and the greatest selfless leader of all time,  Jesus Christ.  Even if you’re not a religious person and I know many of you listening aren’t, If you read about what he taught and how he lived and ultimately what he sacrificed for the world…  selfless.  He would put himself in situations where he knew he was going to be ridiculed or his reputation would be scared, but he did it for the cause.  He did it for his mission and that was to find people who were broken and offer hope.  Ultimately, the offered his life so that people could be back in a relationship with God.

Think about your leadership…  I believe everyone is a leader.  And the first person you lead is yourself. Are you adding value to them or are you giving yourself praise?  When you go to work, are you only thinking of how it will benefit you are how you can used your gifts and talents to benefit the mission of your company and organization.

Remember that being a selfless leader is the highest goal of good leadership.  2 ways to begin to become a selfless leader.

  1. Honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses – confirming and admitting both. This will help give you the confidence and humility that selfless leaders exhibit.
  2. Always take the blame and give away the credit.

Remember that this takes time to develop.


What do YOU think?

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