Pain In The Night; Joy In The Morning – Todd

painjoyYou’ve had those nights.  The ones through which rest eludes you and worry torments you.  Your spouse — if married — sleeps soundly next to you but you listen to the nothingness that fills your dark room.

You are in pain. 

If it were only physical pain, you could take the pill, sip the nectar or rub the cream.  But this is worse.  It is the pain of a relational crumble that has you sleepless.  It is the grief of another loss that has you turning.  It is the fear of failure that won’t let you alone.

That’s pain in the night. 

What I love about those nights is the reminder that God’s promises joy in the morning.  Even if you aren’t a spiritual person or you believe this whole ‘God-thing’ is for fools, he gives all of us this gift of joy in the morning.  A renewal.  A beginning again.  A sense that it’s going to be okay if you just manage to get one foot on the floor. 

Sometimes it takes a few mornings for joy to catch up, but wait long enough and God can help ease the struggle. 

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5


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