What Is Your Battle, Today? – Todd Stocker.com

BATTLE.001I didn’t want to get out of bed.  The one meeting with that one person glowed from the screen of my digital calendar and I wished it would self-delete.

It was one of those needed conversations spurred by a miscommunication and resulting confrontation that turned my gut just visualizing it — and I didn’t want to do it. 

That day, it was the hard thing that had to be done.  That day, it was a cancer on the lining of my relationship that just had to be removed.  That day, it was my battle. 

We all have days like this — days that loom like a distance thunderstorm.  It is that conversation, that task, that inevitable ending that requires us to suit up for battle.

If I rely on my emotions as I look at the difficulty, the battle will go worse.  Yet if I ask God to give me his perspective, the battle will go better.  Sometimes resolution is not part of that perspective.  Sometimes it is.  All the time, trusting in and acting on his guidance is the best way to engage. 

I told my hand to pull back the covers and mentally pushed my body out of bed.  The battle awaits and it will all be okay.


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