What Decorates Your Life? – Todd Stocker.com

Christmas DecorationsIt’s early in the morning and my view is an elegant one.  Our simple Christmas tree, with small white lights and history-telling ornaments, stands in its ‘once-a-year’ place in front of our living room window.  Presents have begun to appear underneath its green branches and transparent red ribbons stream from Star to stump.

Decorations are part of why I love Christmas.  They change my environment and freshen my ordinary spaces.  They call me to seasons and renew my interests in things that have passed and things that will be.  If alive, they’d be proud because they know that even the smallest, simplest ones create and even smaller and simpler joy within me.  But that’s all I need because joy isn’t measure in its abundance.  It is valued simply in its presence [tweet that].

I wonder if I give that same kind of joy to others who see me? What decorates my life?  Are my words lovely ornaments through which others are encouraged?  Do my actions stream into peoples’ lives so that they know they are loved?  Are the presents that I hold to give ones of laughter, of happiness and of love? 

In a lowly backroom of an overcrowded guest-house — the place where animals lived during the winter months — God decorated the world with hope.  He offered the world sanity in the midst of  instability and light in the middle of chaos.  Jesus, the child promised, decorates my life in peace.  And like joy, changes everything, simply because of his presence. 


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