024: 5 Priorities To Being Happy – Todd Stocker.com

Love-and-relationship-with-family-membersIs money the secret to being happy? Maybe success or power? Nope. The key to being happy this next year is found in prioritizing something we all have. Find out what that is in this episode.

On This Episode:

Happiness in life isn’t founded on power, money or status.  Generally, happiness is found in the prioritizing of 5 relationships, in this order:

  1. Spiritual relationship.
    Even if you’re not a religious person, most likely you have a sense that theres something bigger in the world. something outside of yourself.
  2. Relationship with yourself. Sounds counter intuitive because it seems selfish.  Yet if you’re not healthy, you won’t be helpful to anyone else in your life.
  3. Relationship with spouse (married) or significant person.
  4. Relationship with my kids.
  5. Relationship with my daily people – at work, friends, acquaintances.

In all of these, are you adding value or taking advantage of them?

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