027: 4 Steps To Increasing Your Productivity By 23%  – Todd Stocker.com


With all of the ‘to-do’s’ that need to get done, how can you work smarter, increase your productivity and feel at peace? In this episode, I share the latest system I’m using.


In the Bible, Moses asks God to “Teach me to number my days so that I may grow in wisdom.” Psalm 90:12
That supports the idea of being intentional of keeping track of your hours, days and years.
I increased my productivity 23% over the past 8 weeks.  
But the problem I used to have is a dis-organized to do list.  
Based on work by Covey and Tracey, I’ve developed and worked this system to my benefit.
  1. Collect The Tasks – Whichever method you use, there should be a place where you mark down the tasks that you want or should get done.  I suggest using the free app called Wunderlist.
  2. Date Them All – Every task needs a due date.  Do you want or need to complete that task today, tomorrow or next week?  The due dates help dictate the urgency of the task.
  3. Assign To Lists – Create 4 lists and title them A, B, C, D.
    • ‘A’ list:  These tasks you must do today.
    • ‘B’ list:  These tasks you should do but are urgent and they only have mild consequences for non-completion today.
    • ‘C’ list: These tasks are nice to do but have no consequences for non-completion today.
    • ‘D’ list:  These tasks are the ones you delegate.
  4. Work The System – When you start your day — or even the night before — look at your inbox.  You’ll have a list of tasks with dates behind them.  Use the A,B,C,D system.  Under each list, prioritize what you want or need to get done first and put that on the top and so on.
There are two key rules: One is that you are not allowed to move to the next item until the first is completed. Some take longer that others so you need some flexibility here. I’m am working my list multiple times per day. Two is that you are not allow to move to list ‘B’ until all the items on list ‘A’ are completed.


What do YOU think?

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