Grace: The Athletes Key To Greatness – Todd

grace-coachI was teaching 8th + 9th grade boys about the concept of Grace.  (I know — I’m one of the nutty ones).  Many of these guys are athletes and good ones at that.  Trying to find an analogy that would hit home, I harkened back to my days of sports.  Mr. Wesslin and Coach Hatch teaching me football and basketball basics caused me to sweat where I stood.  Hopefully, they didn’t notice.

“So guys.  When you mess up or don’t do a drill to your full potential, your coach points to the ground and barks, ‘Drop and give me …’” To which they all chanted “20!”  Why ’20’ I don’t know but they all knew the number and I felt their pain.

“So what if you messed up as before and your coach yelled the same command yet before you could react, he dropped to the ground and did the 20 pushups for you?”  They all smiled.  I’m not sure if it was out of relief or the visual of their authority down on the ground.  Either way, they got it.

And you should get it to for two reasons.

First, God has given you a coach who did your pushups for you.  (I know, that’s a lame way of speaking about Jesus but really, that’s what he did in concept).  Your mess-up, your lack of fulfilling what is required, your falling short of the goal requires a payment.  And it’s a payment that you can’t handle.

Second, because he has done that for you, you are free to live in that grace for yourself and for others.  Give yourself a break.  God did.  I mean, there is still consequences for wrong decisions and screwing up, but in terms of being kicked off the team — pushing the analogy — you have a starting position that won’t be taken away.  As you live in that Grace and extend that Grace to others, your life success level will skyrocket.  People will identify you, not as one who is gullible but as gifted.  People will want to do business with you because of the integrity that is the key by-product of Grace.

Our world needs strong, Grace-infused leaders and you are among that group.  Step into it.  Live it.  Be it.


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