028: My Morning Routine – Todd Stocker.com

my-morning-routine.001Did you know that the first hour of your day determines much of your success for that day? Its true. In response to a listener’s email, today I share my morning routine.


Mark asked,  “I’ve seen how many books you write in a year and wonder where do you find time to write?  I’ve got 3 young kids and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, not only for them, but for me!”

Truth!  Your first hour of the day is really important!  It determines your attitude and your success level for the entire day.  The problem is that most people stay up too late, get up to late and jump right into the day.

I have a disciplined routine that has allowed me to accomplish more and more of the right things!

  • First, I wake up at 5am and make coffee and drink a glass of water.
  • Second, I do a devotion and read my Bible using the S.O.A.P method of journalling and reflecting.
  • Third, I read books and articles on leadership, spirituality and productivity.  I also take this time to write books, blog posts, articles and books.
  • Fourth, I work my Productivity 101 method to give focus and vision to my day.




What do YOU think?

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