The Red Sea Principle: 4 Ways Leaders Get Freed – Todd

exodus_moses_charlton_heston_red_seaHave you ever felt trapped?  I mean, really trapped.  The bills are coming due and you’re moneyless.  The child’s behavior problem is out of control and you’re desperate.  The spouse’s distance is wider than the Grand Canyon and you’re depressed.  You team has no idea how to solve the glitch in the program.  You’re trapped.  Out of options. Just like Moses against the Red Sea.

You remember the Bible story.  A large group of people are at the edge of the Red Sea, hemmed in by the water to the West and a large mountain range to the East.  The Egyptian army is coming down the hill and there is literally no where to go.  But then, God’s intervention allows for an opening and – ala Charlton Heston – you are shown the way out, or rather through.  (Click Here for the Bible Story).

Just like Moses, here are some ways to lead your team out of feeling trapped.

  1. Stop complaining and start brainstorming.  The people in the Bible story freaked out and complained about their situation.  Complaining only wastes thinking energy because it taps into our negative emotional bank.  Leaders think before they speak and use their words to open the doors to possibilities.
  2. Be calm no matter what.  Moses didn’t allow the people’s desperation sway his focus.  Moses kept his emotions in check as he placed his trust in being shown a solution.  Leaders know that eventually a solution or way out will show up.
  3. Take small, simple action.  Moses took what was in his hand and made a simple motion on the water.  When stuck, leaders ask their team simple questions to help discover simple actions.  They prioritize what needs to or can get done now and are strategic in their motions. (Click here to read a post on simple daily action).
  4. Place your trust in something greater.  God knew what He was doing.  He used Moses’ small action to create a HUGE opening.  Leaders know that the best way to lead is to do your best and leave the results up to God.


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(If this post looks familiar, it should.  I posted this a few years back but thought it’d be another good reminder for those of us who are leaders)

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