030:  3 Benefits Of My ‘Digital Fast’ – Todd Stocker.com

closethe-digital-laptop During my last vacation, I decided to do a ‘digital fast.’  That meant no laptop and only limited use of my iPhone and iPad.  It took me a bit to get use to but there are 3 benefits that I found.

 On This Episode:

In the Bible a fast is simply withholding something, normally food, so that you can focus on God and his love for you in Christ, and it cleans your perspective of life and slows you down a bit.

Here are 3 benefits that I found in doing a digital fast:
  1. I wasn’t tempted to work.   I actually relaxed and settled in to the vacation.  out of sight out of mind.
  2. I focused on one thing at a time (i.e. iPad with multiple books)…
  3. I slowed down to focus on the moment and took the experience in.  Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson calls this the “absorb state.”
How you can take a digital fast.
  1. Decide to do it.  I did before my vacation.
  2. Decide the timeframe.  Maybe on Sunday afternoons or for a whole weekend.

Let everyone know you’re doing it.  it’s amazing how people understand and adjust.

Resources Mentioned:

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